Saturday 31 January 2009


Freelance translator, writer and engineer

The combination of a keen interest in technology and an affinity for languages offers you a good start for your translations and texts. It is not always possible for companies to provide translators or writers with extra information. A good understanding of the context of a document leads to higher quality and faster turnaround time of its translation.

Translation, proofreading and editing of your technical documents or others.

IT, chemistry, engineering, electronics, materials, construction… and General.

All formats
Do you need quality translations of your technical documents, manuals or general? I can also translate your website, web application or the user interface of your software.

By using specialized translation software, it is possible to translate from almost any common format while making use of translation memory (TM). Thanks to this translation memory, the software can recognize segments that have been translated before and automatically replace them with the existing translation. For large files or assignments, this saves time and money.

The most common translation software is Trados. It has very extensive features, such as the creation of translation memory from past translation projects and the synchronization of translations from several translators.

Direct contact
For translations that require many translators to complete, it is recommended to hire an agency to ensure proper coordination of the project. For smaller translations or large in-house translations that require temporary outsourcing, it is more advantageous to collaborate with a freelancer directly. The project does not incur unnecessary delays and it is cheaper, because an extra step between the company and the translator disappears.

A flexible long-term business relationship based on trust helps both parties. Take a look at my services and rates.